Massage Therapy

Revitalize Your Body and Mind with the Benefits of Massage Therapy

Transform your wellness with the power of professional massage therapy. At Medisport Clinic, we offer tailored massage treatments that are designed to immerse you in the evolution of health and wellness.

Our team of skilled therapists provides a wide range of active patient care and wellness solutions that focus on non-invasive techniques to identify and treat the root cause of your pain. Whether you're looking to improve your mobility, reduce stress, or simply feel more relaxed, our massage therapy services can help you achieve your wellness goals. Take the first step towards a pain-free, healthy life with our holistic massage treatments today.

Enhance your wellness with professional massage therapy

We use non-invasive techniques to target the underlying cause of your pain, offering a wide range of active patient care and wellness solutions that will help you achieve optimal physical and mental well-being. Our holistic approach to massage therapy will leave you feeling rejuvenated and free from pain, allowing you to enjoy a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

As a leading chiropractic massage therapy provider, we understand that pain and discomfort can have a significant impact on your quality of life. That's why we offer a range of hands-on treatments that use pressure on muscles, connective tissues, joints, and ligaments to help relieve pain and improve circulation and movement.

At Medisport Clinic, we specialize in two main types of massage therapy services: remedial and relaxation. Our highly skilled massage therapists use a variety of techniques to address various health problems, including neck and back pain, knee pain, stress, and anxiety.

Our remedial massage therapy techniques include:

  • Cupping: An ancient Chinese form of massage therapy that uses cups to create suction and draw blood and energy to that area to promote healing.
  • Dry Needling: We also offer dry needling, a massage therapy treatment that effectively treats pain, muscle tension, and tightness by inserting needles into trigger points.
  • Myofascial release: a soft tissue massage therapy that treats various musculoskeletal conditions. Our hands-on techniques stretch and release connective tissue to alleviate pain and muscle tension, promoting mobility and function.

Benefits of massage therapy:

  • Significantly reduced muscle tension
  • Enhanced circulation to promote optimal bodily function
  • Stimulated lymphatic system to aid in detoxification
  • Drastically reduced stress hormones to promote relaxation and mental clarity
  • Accelerated recovery of soft tissue injuries to promote mobility and function

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect after a massage?

Following your massage therapy session, it is typical to experience a sense of relaxation and relief from pain. It is recommended to hydrate adequately by consuming ample amounts of water and fluids, as well as nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods. Additionally, engaging in activities such as taking a shower and stretching can aid in optimizing the benefits of the massage.

What kind of massage treatments do you offer?

At Medisport Clinic, our range of remedial and relaxation massage treatments are tailored to cater to your unique healthcare needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our center to discover how we can provide you with the support and relief required for your specific health concerns.

What specific types of pain can be alleviated through massage therapy?

Massage therapy has the potential to address a range of pain points throughout the body. Examples of such conditions include:

  1. Back pain
  2. Lower back pain
  3. Shoulder and neck pain
  4. Osteoarthritis of the knee
  5. Headaches
Is it safe to receive a massage while pregnant?

Yes. You can get a massage when you’re pregnant as it’s a beneficial way to improve relaxation and induce sleep. But, it’s best to discuss the whole process with a certified and experienced therapist before starting a massage.

Is it common to experience pain during a massage?

Ideally, a massage should not elicit pain or discomfort. As the massage therapist works on your body, they will periodically ask for feedback regarding the pressure level. In the event that you feel uncomfortable or experience pain, it is crucial to inform the therapist promptly, so that they can adjust the pressure according to your comfort level.

What is the typical duration of a massage treatment?

The length of a massage therapy session can vary, ranging from a brief session to several hours, depending on the specific treatment being provided. To obtain a more accurate estimate of the duration and any additional requirements related to the treatment, it is advisable to consult with your massage therapist beforehand.

Do your massage therapists possess the necessary licensure and certification?

Certainly, all of our massage therapists are licensed chiropractors with certifications to administer massage treatments.

What is the recommended frequency for seeing a massage therapist?

The recommended frequency for seeing a massage therapist is generally every two to three weeks. However, if you are receiving treatment for a specific condition or injury, your massage therapist will tailor a custom recovery plan for you and advise you on the appropriate frequency of sessions.